The concept of 45/46 Fine Men’s Apparel originated from the owner’s dream of preserving the beauty and unique shopping in Hyde Park Square. His inspiration came from a beautiful market place in England where he grew up. He saw many similarities in Hyde Park Square. Subsequent to his investment in Knickers of Hyde Park, “Your favorite haven for lingerie and so much more…,” he decided that an exclusive, upscale men’s store would be desirable in the neighborhood to complement the women’s store.

45/46 Fine Men’s Apparel opened in 2011 to meet the requests of many Cincinnati men who were asking for more cosmopolitan clothing.




Following is our list of services:

MADE-TO-MEASURE SUITS: Precise measuring by one of our expert sales consultants will ensure that your new suit is the perfect fit.

CUSTOM SHIRTS: Order impeccably tailored shirts made for your individual fit, as measured by one of our expert sales consultants. Choose from a wide array of fine shirting fabrics, colored buttons and stitching.

EXPERT FASHION COORDINATING: We provide a wide range of high quality, upscale clothing; boardroom, formal, business casual and casual weekend wear. Partner with one of our expert sales consultants to coordinate a new wardrobe or update your existing look with an exciting modern twist.

EXPERT FITTING:  You can only look your best in our high quality clothing if it fits properly! Our expert sales consultants will determine and recommend any and all alterations for your size and shape for you to look great.

ALLEN EDMONDS RECRAFTING: Refurbish the leather and replace the heels and soles of your timeless but worn beautifully crafted Allen Edmonds shoes. You can hardly tell they are not new. CONFIDENTIAL

PERSONAL SALES HISTORY: Accurate sales history, including sizes and measurements of all merchandise purchased at 45/46 Fine Men’s Apparel is available for each customer.

COMPLIMENTARY GIFT WRAP: Our beautiful signature gift wrap is available for all purchases upon request.

45/46 FINE MEN’S APPAREL GIFT CARDS: Can’t decide on edgy or traditional clothing or accessories for the perfect gift? Uncertain of the right size? Give a gift card for your man to get just what he wants. Any and all amounts available.



What our customers have to say

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